Tiffany Forsberg

Tiffany Forsberg is a Dallas based jewelry designer and fashion stylist. After working in luxury sales for 20 years, she started her own jewelry collection which has evolved into something quite organic and beautiful. Using precious and semi-precious stones set in Sterling Silver with 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil, her goal is to offer a piece that can be worn dressed up or down. Each piece is one.of.a.kind. and has been worn by numerous celebrities and featured in many magazines the past 10 years.

Her inspiration comes from her many travels all over the world. The different cultures and nature in each country. The rich Gold and Turquoise of the Middle East. The beautiful animals and foliage in the Caribbean. The richness of Art and Architecture in Europe. All while infusing a Vintage technique in her pieces.

Her main goal in everything she does is to highlight the beauty in each and every woman. To make her feel confident as she goes about her day knowing she is strong, beautiful, smart and can take on the world.