The reason consignment is popular with our customers is twofold. We have a loyal following of customers that continue to enjoy fine jewelry that is unique. So they know that the inventory continues to change and they don't want to miss an opportunity to find a great deal on a special piece of jewelry. We are different because we don't work on a consignment percentage. We are not competing against ourselves, we want every piece to sell. We evaluate your items and agree on the consigned price. This allows the consigner to review the agreement before we put the items in the showcases. Those prices do not change. The consigner is guaranteed those prices when the item sells. Most items are refinished and cleaned at our expense so they will be "Show-room" ready before they hit the showcases. Most items usually sell before 90 days. But the consigner can pick items up anytime with just one day's notice.


We also accept trade-ins toward new jewelry items. We are very aggressive with the trade in program. This works especially well with diamond ear-studs, engagement rings and fine watches. We will evaluate your trade-in usually on the spot and you will know what you have available to spend. But if you want you can also receive a gift card for a future purchase. Please call the store for an appointment to evaluate trade-ins in order to receive the best service.


We continue to be the highest bidder in town when it comes to the outright purchase of fine jewelry. We require a one or two day evaluation period. This work is done absolutely free. If you don't sell to us you can take our information with you. The formula that works the best is to email our gemologist Charles Skibell pictures of your pieces before you actually bring them in. Please email your images to