Custom Design


The wow factor! We love to do custom design at Skibell.  Recreating vintage pieces that need some “love” or completing a “concept to creation” project, we have done it all. We have four very experienced bench jewelers that can handle any project. Charles Skibell will personally guide you through the experience. Each step is carefully monitored from picking the exact same size diamonds to making sure the angles of a particular heirloom sapphire are perfect.

" One day I was at the post office on Turtle Creek waiting in line. The lady next to me had a ring on that I designed. I asked her, 'Do you love your ring?' She told me the story of how her children gave her the ring for her 50th anniversary. She told me it was her favorite piece of jewelry.  It was a proud day for me when I realized something so dear to her, was designed by me."

-Charles Skibell