Custom Jewelry

Whether it's recreating vintage pieces that need some love or completing a concept to creation project, we have done it all. We have four very experienced bench jewelers that can handle any project. Charles Skibell will personally guide you through the experience. Each step is carefully monitored from picking the exact same size diamonds to making sure the angles of a particular heirloom sapphire are perfect. We don't stop until you say Wow!!!



This custom necklace was a re-design of several old rings that belonged to the customer. Our customer said "Go Big!", and that's exactly what we did. The small diamonds in between were difficult to incorporate as they were not designed to go in a piece like this, but we made it work and it turned out beautifully. Our customer was delighted!


Natural yellowish brown 3 carat diamond contrasted with white diamonds. We worked in platinum with baguette and round white diamonds and placed a beautiful 3.05 carat radiant, yellow gold diamond for a classic look.


This piece highlights the beauty and elegance of Antiquity Coins against bright 18k yellow gold framed in a beautiful pendant. This Roman Coin is 37-41 AD and is the head of Cesar. Gold made in Turkey.


This piece started out as a pencil sketch and transformed into custom earrings. We worked closely with the customer every step of the way to make these beautiful earrings. The unique combination of turquoise and sapphires look stunning. Dragonflies had a special meaning to this customer, and she felt that we made her vision a reality and was thrilled with the outcome.


This custom ring initially had an Opal stone, however, it was a classic example of a stone that just didn't work well with the setting. We replaced it with a Tanzanite stone, and the overall look was flawless!


*More Custom Jewelry References Available Upon Request