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"Everything is lighter, brighter, fresher, newer - which is not
only my motto for the store, but my whole life."

Skibell Fine Jewelry owner Lyn Skibell is as multi-faceted as the diamonds in her namesake Preston Center shop. Carrying on the legacy of her late husband, Charles, was her initial incentive to take the reins of the beloved family business. But it’s her passion, drive and determination that makes readying the store for the next generation a true labor of love.

Which means it’s not business as usual. Lyn’s chic, vibrant style permeates the revamped retail emporium. “Everything is lighter, brighter, fresher, newer—which is not only my motto for the store, but my whole life,” she says. For starters, the store sports ultra-modern new cases and dynamic LED lighting. There’s also the showstopping fixture hanging from the ceiling. “It’s like a big piece of jewelry. So beautiful and unique. I had to have it,” she admits. “That piece represents everything about the new Skibells.”

What will never change is inimitable customer service. “People want a certain comfort level; one they won’t find in the mall. The difference here is that we’re accessible.”

Get to Know Lyn

What do you love most about your work? I love creating something from nothing; walking in here and thinking, wow, I can’t believe we did this.

What’s something people would never guess about you? I was a hippie back in the 70s. People laugh. I guess it was my Austin roots.

4 things you can’t live without: My friends. Working out. Eating well. Spiritual time in the morning.

Celebrity moment: Matthew McConaughey helped move my furniture from Austin to Dallas.

Favorite time of the day: Early morning. The world hasn’t started and I have time with my thoughts.

Guilty pleasure: Potato chips are my kryptonite. And really good champagne.


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